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Business Consulting

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Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce

Strategic Planning | Marketing | Capital Solutions

University of Oshkosh
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Accelerating Start-ups and Small Business


Our Process...

Step 1


Schedule a free meeting with Aaron J. Armstrong and his team. In 15-60 minutes we will discover or identify your business problem and provide you a recommended plan of action.

This process includes:
•    Complimentary deep dive to identify your unique business problem.
•    Complimentary Tax strategy and Asset Protection Consultation with our preferred vendor
•    Complimentary VIP Entity Set-up with our preferred vendor

Step 3


Our team will mange the entire project from conception through retirement. We provide detailed and consistent operational oversight ensuring the project scope is completed and delivered to the expected timeline, budget, and quality standard.  

Step 2


The VP team will evaluate the appropriate technical aptitude for this project. From there, the team will decide if our in-house consultants hold the required technical skills or if we need to outsource to our network of over +1000 trusted preferred subcontractors both locally and nationally.  Then, we will write and deliver a proposal with an estimated budget and timeline.

Meet The Team

Business Areas Served...

Early Stage Conceptual Strategy

Audio Engineering, Video, & Media Productions

Market Research, Lead Generation, & Business Intellegence

Real Estate Sales, Site Selection, and Business Brokerage

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