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Programs and Courses

The Venture Project periodically hosts programs aimed at accelerating, educating, or inspiring the small business community.  See a list of our upcoming or ongoing programs. 

Level Up! 

Accelerator Program (Applications open until Feb 5th 2023) 

Level Up! is an action-oriented 5 month program to help you take your scalable business or idea to the next level. The program will be divided into a range of foundational aspects for your business, such as validating your customer needs, identifying market segments, setting up governance, finding early adopters, etc. The programming will be a combination of educational events, personalized goal setting, and accomplishing tangible milestones on each topic with the help of the VentureHome resources and mentor network.


Vetreprenuer Project

Accelerator Program (Applications open until Mar 24th 2023) 

The Vetrepreneur Project is a collaboration between the Venture Project of Oshkosh and Salute the Troops of Fond du lac, to help support local veterans with an entrepreneurial spirit, achieve their dream of financial independence.

Our program offers local veteran entrepreneurs the opportunity to attend a 7 week small business accelerator program hosted by Venture Project, and powered by Salute the Troops, Inc. At the end of our 7 week educational program, veterans that complete the entire program will have an opportunity to "demo" their business in front of a panel of judges for a chance to earn $5000 in seed funding from Salute the Troops.

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